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New Portuguese interviews of Rob & new pics!

From  Correio da Manhã 
Translation thnks to RPLife

"The hardest part was the initial stress before I started filming 'Cosmopolis', but soon the fear was gone," Robert Pattinson told journalists at the CCB.

Outside, since early morning, dozens of young fans of the "vampire" from the 'Twilight' saga, lined up around the barriers surrounding the red carpet - where there will be a premiere, starting at 8PM - waiting to see their idol. They didn't know that at that very early on (11:30AM), he was already inside the building.

"We brought a t-shirt to give to him. I don't know if I will be able to say something when see him," said the two fans, Patricia and Sandra, creators of the site 'Twilight ao Amanhecer'. The t-shirt could not be more clear about the feelings towards the actor: 'Keep Calm and don't forget to be awesome'.

Pattinson is calm, in the press room when he tells the journalists that he's aware that "this role is very different from his character in Twilight. "It was a gift," admits the actor who knows he is idolized by millions of fans. "I care about what everyone thinks. I know that many young girls will see the movie and I hope everyone enjoys it."

David Cronenberg liked to film. The film. And the actor. "It was all fun and Robert Pattinson is a great actor", he said.

Outside, Patricia, Sandra and all their friends that came from various parts of the country, as well as others, that came from Spain, would like to be heard. "If I can, I'll give him a hug," said one of the girls. The day will be devoted entirely to wait for the premiere, and while they can't see the 'vampire' of their dreams, they run to anything connected to the idol.

When they see Clare and Richard, Robert Pattinson' parents, the hysteria is huge. Time to set cameras and phones and wave nervously. It's not Robert. But for now, they know that they are out there with his parents, it's kind of a proximity ...

Again with Correio da Manhã 
Translation thnks to RPLife
How would you define Eric Packer (main character in 'Cosmpopolis'): it he just a sort of a weirdo or is he a visionary?
He's just a weirdo(laughs). I think he is a person who is desperately looking for something but doesn't know what that is. Basically, no one is a visionary, the world repeats itself.

But wasn't Don DeLillo's a visionary when he write the book? Because the story was written 12 years ago, but is current and reflects the global economy today...
Yes, that's crazy. But at the same time, the collapse of financial markets... it seemed obvious that would happen.

Do you follow news about the economy, the reality of Europe?
In general but not specifically. It's weird. I know they're all terrified of what's happening.

The dialogues of 'Cosmopolis' explores this theme but in a poetic, theatrical way. Do you believe that there are people that speak like that?
It is a little too theatrical. But Eric is a guy who doesn't share his world. In his universe, everybody speaks his language, behaves like he wants. He is totally egocentric, maniac, wants to be God.

And how different is Robert from Eric?
(Laughs) He's really confident and thinks no one can change him. While I... I change in every new talk, with every new person. I want to please those who talk to me.

But are you a confident person...
Kind of. I'm more confident when everyone hates me.

But they all love you, especially because of the success of 'Twilight'. Did you accept this movie because you thought it would change your career and turn you into a "serious" actor or was it because you would film with someone like David Cronenberg?
I try to do all my jobs as if I'm a serious actor (laughs). And some people forget that I ever did in the past... But David's (Cronenberg) movies are all so unique and personal that I knew it was important to make this movie.

At the Cannes Film Festival, critics were divided: hated and loved the movie. Do you really care about reviews?
I am always surprised. I thought no one would notice the film (laughs). But I like to see such passionate reactions, in any sense whatsoever. And everyone cares about the critics. I care about what everyone says. I care about what girls (fans) outside will tell and maybe they won't even like it

Are you going to work with Cronenberg again?
Yes, in a movie about the movie industry. Really fun and bizarre. I still don't know when we're going to film because I have other projects...

Do you think 'Cosmopolis' could be an Oscar movie?
I don't know. I keep my expectations low.

But winning an Oscar is the biggest dream for an actor...
Completely. Actors are moved by the awards, it is as if they were kicked on the head.

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