Thursday, July 5, 2012

New interview of Rob with Sat.1 (Berlin press junket)!

Full translation thnks to Kris1787
 I've just seen your movie.
Rob: Did you like it?

It's really crazy
Rob: It's pretty weird. It'S pretty out there.

It's definitely no teenage movie
Rob: Yeah no. unless you are a really clever teenager or really interested in big limonsins

In the movie there are many nude scenes. You have much sex with many different women. How was that?
Rob:Its strange. Half of the sex scenes was not planned to be sex scenes. They should take place after the sex. The script said: "They just had sex", but david said on the day: "You have sex now". All my preparations, all the work and the huge dialoge scenes that I've thought about, I could throw away.

Has you girlfriend Kristen seen the movie?
Rob:Yeah, yeah

How did you prepare her for all these scenes with all these different women?
Rob:The only problem is, when the movie isn't good. And then there is the question: "Why are you doing this? Why are you playing so many sex scenes in such a bad movie? If it's interesting and believable, then everything is okay."

When did you decide to make your realtionship official?
Rob:To be honest. I don't talk about my relationship. Simply because I never did this. Since I started doing interviews. No... simply no.

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