Friday, November 9, 2012

Rob's interview in Dutch TV Guide 'Veronica Magazine'

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 Finally, no more vampire.

 Breaking Dawn Part 2 will premier this week and marks the end of an era for pale vampires, screaming fans and Robert Pattinson as Posterboy. The 26 year old Brit does not seem bothered.

 His post-Twilight  parts, like the 9/11 drama Remember me and David Cronenbergs Cosmopolis suggested it already, Robert Pattinsons taste is more serious than the romantic adventures of bloodsucker Edward Cullen and his lover Bella.


 “If I have something in common with Kristen? Oh. Uhm. Pfff. (long silence) I think I’m having a black-out (nervous laughter) Uhm, well. Pretty much. I don’t know. In our work we have the same taste. What we think is important for instance, we always agree on. Also how we present ourselves in public”


 “I’m not a fan of biting people, but I do see similarities with vampires. I don’t like daytime very much, I prefer the night. I don’t sleep much. I keep getting requests from 9-year olds if I want to bite them. But that’s where the similiarities end.”
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 “Putting on the vampire make-up wasn’t that bad. I did hate the contact lenses. The benefits of the make-up is that my skin finally got taken care of properly. It got cleaned very thoroughly afterwards, while I usually just splash some water in my face.”


 “Everybody is always saying what a good boyfriend Edward is, but what he does is pretty standard, you know. If someone is trying to kill your lover, wouldn’t you try to save her? I wonder what the boyfriends of all the female Twilght fans are like! Other than that I’m not that gallant. I always pour myself a glass of wine first.”


 “I want to be. This is how it goes for me: If I’m not happy with the shooting – pretty much every day – I try to make it up the next day, or even better. So I go home irritated almost every day. For years. Then I’m convinced I screwed up the entire year. I never think I’m good enough.”


 “I realize how immature I am, when I see Mackenzie (Foy, who plays Edward and Bella’s daughter) working. She really looks up to Kristen, really thinks she’s an example. And she thinks I am a weird guy. She told me in the first two weeks. But maybe it’s because I play her teenage father. You should find your father a little weird, right? I can get pretty weird after a shot.”

David Cronenberg
 “It was great working with him on Cosmopolis. But we’re talking about working together again. He gave me a script about child stars in Hollywood. Very funny, but also extremely dark. No idea when we’re going to start, because I have a few other jobs first. But I can tell you I would do anyhting with him. All he has to do is call and I’ll be there.”


 “I don’t think I will miss the hysteria around the series. If Twilight happened twelve years ago, so befóre the smartphones and TMZ (celebrity gossipsite), I would have thought this was the most amazing experience ever. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic. He was not followed by paparazzi. He could just chill somewhere with the Wu Tang Clan. How cool is that!? If you’re launched as a star in this day and age, you’re sucked into a vacuum. One photo can make or break you. Take Christian Bale. If you google him, you get to see the brawl on the set from Terminator. Why do those things get to be remembered? Weird.”

Musical career

 “Yeah, I’ll wait with that for a while. It’s a problem, because I’m in the spotlights now. If I release a single now, I’m sure people will tear it down. They feel it’s inflicted. If I started as a musician, I would have known that the people who support you, actually like it.”


 “Of course I’m interested! I already looked at what might be interesting for me to play. But at the same time, I’m scared to death, because I have such a soft voice. I was in a play when I was eighteen, but I got fired because of my soft voice.”


 “People still don’t know exactly who I am. Every time I meet a filmmaker to talk about a part, they say: You’re not what I expected. I wonder what exactly they expected. But I’m not complaining. My carreer got a jump start and I’m enjoying it. I realize it can all end in a heartbeat. I don’t have a free pass, I have to think about everything I do and success is not guaranteed. Even if I hadn’t been in Twilight, I would have tried for the same roles as I did. Only the chance of getting the part would have been smaller. Thankfully the directors I work with don’t cast actors because of their fame, but because they’re good. That’s why I’m glad I get to do audition instead of just being hired.”

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