Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rob's short interview with Screen Magazine(Japan) talking about becoming a father in BD & his ideal woman

Q: Apart from the Twilight series you choose art house style films, why is that?
Rob:Twilight is also a small independent film by an independent director, it’s a dark and tragic drama. I still can’t get used to the fact that it has suddenly become a hit. So I’m making film after film without a break, not thinking about the fact that I have become famous. I decided that I didn’t want to appear in Hollywood blockbusters, so I choose small features as I did before.

Q: In the next episode, Breaking Dawn, Edward becomes a father?
Rob:Actually in “Water For Elephants ” I’m the father of five children! I can’t imagine Edward and Bella having children, I know Kristen will play it well so I will take my lead from her.

Q: Who is your ideal woman?

Rob:Well… first they have to love dogs. Also not shouting in a loud voice, they’re the only two conditions, after that it’s just a matter of whether we get on well.


  1. He will make a good husband for whoever is blessed enough to get him.He seems to be a caring person and I hope he will always be.

  2. I love dogs - I don't shout in a loud voice - I can get on well..... I'm perfect for ROB!!! Yea Me!!

  3. that's why he and kris get along soooooooooooo well!!!! and are always happy with each other... love them always!!!!!!! n forever