Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fan shares her experience from the 'Cosmopolis' set & a new fan pic!

Do you remember these 2 fan pics from the Cosmopolis set that were posted here?
Well, lucky Jeanette who took these pics shares her experience!
I just wanted to explain. That pic that you tumbled was mine. And I would like to give a brief description. I'm pretty sure his fans would want to know what I saw when I took this picture.

Donna and I went to the set that day on May 29th. And we had loads of fun. Getting Dean to blush, was a great moment. You know how that man is, EMOTIONLESS.

Well... the story behind that pic of him with the closed eyes. It took my breath away.
I was getting my camera ready. And just basically fooling around with it. When I was looking into my screen. I could see his eyes fluttering and his lips moving. Like he was preparing himself for the upcoming scene and saying his lines. Just the pure concentration that poured from that picture takes it all away. And to see this man, do his job. A job he does very well. He was just very focused and I know none of his fans have ever seen him like this. In his element. One he shines in. I was just truly taken aback from this picture. Yes, I tweeted this picture. But never said it was mine. I'm in the process of getting it copy righted to my name.
So.. if want you can say that about the picture.

Also, Jeanette shares a new pic!
Click for bigger

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