Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mia Maestro mentions Rob in her interview with Perfil.com!

 Excerpt from a long interview to Mia Maestro (she plays Carmen in BD): she had been asked if Rob and Kris are partners in real life.

Maestro answered: That's what you have to ask them. But yes, they are super open, super friendly.

Then Mia talks about coexistence outside the set: We had departments where we could cook, I was much more at home than you could think, and we ate all together, we cooked.
Pattinson? He does not cook. The cook is Kristen.

And Taylor Lautner? I did not meet him much, because we did not share many scenes. But I can tell you that Taylor, when I took my dog to the shooting, looked after him and played with him.

Who is the most beautiful then? I can't answer you. Robert is very nice.

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