Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rob's 'Bel Ami' double, talks about working with him!

Robert Pattinson Italia  exclusively interviewed Rob's Bel Ami double, Szabolcs Eszes!

How did you become the double of Rob in Bel Ami?
 In 2010 I was the Hungarian X-Factor promo’s face and they observed me and called the Bel Ami’s casting. I tried and I got the role. Then they asked me that if I wanted to be Robert’s double, and I said: Of course:)

How was this experience? Did you enjoy it? 
It was amazing! To play whit such a great actors! Robert and me act in a scene together! He is a very good actor, and very kind!

Can you tell us a funny story about Rob?
Actually I don’t remember! Once, I asked him if  he knows Natalie Portman, and they are in good friendship. But he just laughed on this…

What is your favorite movies played by Robert Pattinson? And Why? 
I  love Little Ashes! My favourite painter is Dali, and Robert was a Great Dali!

Could you describe us your relationship with the fans on set? 
 No! there was very exacting safety-rules.

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