Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another new 'Bel Ami' scene with Rob & Christina Ricci (dubbed in Italian) + Translation!

Clotilde: I am very happy for you.
Georges: How is Laurine?
Clotilde: She can’t forgive you, unfortunately. Monsieur Forestier calls you, you know? Is so petite, can’t understand.
Georges: And you?
Clotilde: You did a good marriage. Is what we all do. I miss you very much. To our love nest just miss you.
Georges: But how will you still have?
Clotilde: I’m an incurable optimist
 talk politics
Georges: thanks
Rousset and climb the stairs as a politician still talk about politics. 

Video & Translation thnks to Robert Thomas Pattinson Italian Fanclub|via

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